Sunday, July 1, 2012

Waikiki, the Aquarium, and Family Time

 Friday (June 29)
Brian and Big Al wanted to go to the beach, while T-Rex wanted to do something else. The compromise was to head back over to Waikiki so T-Rex and I could go to the aquarium for awhile, and then meetup with everyone else at the jetty (fun snorkeling) near it (and a lifeguard) at Waikiki.

T-Rex and I of course saw tons of fish. Our favorite was the "slackjaw wrasse" that can project the inside of it's mouth forward and out of it's lips to grab smaller fish as they go by. We had to watch it a couple times because it was just that...... gross.

 Here's T-Rex by one of the big aquariums.
 This was a giant clam that would open up slightly to give us a peak as to what it looked like inside.

 The aquarium had a great monk seal exhibit, although we both thought it looked a little small for the two seals that were in the tank.  We got there at feeding time, and watched the trainer put the seal through it's tricks designed to get the seal to cooperate with a quick examination.
Meanwhile, Brian and Cheesie were snorkeling up a storm on the quieter side of the jetty.

Cheesie would pop out for a little bit and then head right back in to find the fish.

Blondie prefers the sad and building of sand castles to the ocean surf.  Since she went under at North Shore she isn't too keen on getting in with the waves.

 Here are T-Rex, Blondie and I walking out on the jetty to see what fish we can spot from the top.
Brian managed to get pictures with my underwater camera, although the screen seems to be pretty useless in the bright water unless the sun is in the perfect position. Above is a spotted puffer fish.

A little moorfish

This is the "famous" state fish. The Humu humu nuka nuka apua'a. This one (and another one) were easy to spot from the jetty. 

Later on, we headed back to the house and found that Brian's parents, aunts and uncles went to hear Jerry Santos play. That left Brian's sisters, brothers, and all of the kids behind.  The girls have loved hanging out with their Texas cousins, and all evening found us....
in the hot tub......

watching the sunset.....

doing the "wobble" and just plain cutting up.

 I have no idea what Wayne was doing here,

 but Lori was enjoying her dinner
 and our niece "D" was working on her knitting. She finally found some needles and got me to sit down with her to teach her. She's doing really well with her dishcloth.
 Here is a shot of my end of the table, helping "D" and chatting with Leigh Ann,
while Barry and Rachel, plan for the next day. It was a fabulous evening goofing off with the kids, and hanging out with family that we just don't get to see often enough.

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