Sunday, August 18, 2013

Cheesie turns 10

     Today is Cheesie's 10th birthday.  Yesterday she had a party with friends and today was the family gathering.

With her friends she decided on an art theme.  So we set up a long table in our library and the girls got started with the painting.  

 When they finished they came in and opened presents,

had an ice cream cake, 

and disappeared up into Cheesie's room. I don't know what they were doing up there but it involved a lot of thumping on the floor, shrieking and yelling excitedly at each other. 

Once the paintings were dry we managed to corral them all for a photo op before the parents came to pick them up. 

For the family party she chose to have her special dinner of Ham and Mac and cheese (homemade). Her grandma, Aunt Christy (with Cate and Super S), and Aunt Amy (with cousin CJ) came to help celebrate. 
It was nice to see everyone, and wish CJ the best with starting Kindergarten tomorrow.  

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