Friday, August 16, 2013

Cross Country Scrimmage

     T-Rex decided to try the Cross-Country team at her high school this year.  We thought it was important for her to be part of a group (she'll be in orchestra too) as well as participate in a sport besides fencing.  She has gotten up early all summer to run for 2 hours with the team and really enjoys the girls.  Today was their first scrimmage.  T-Rex hoped to beat 40 minutes because she didn't really have an idea as to how much time it would take her to run this 5K.

     When I got there it was POURING DOWN RAIN.  I tried to take pictures but was forced back to the car and missed the start.

But I did see her running this leg of the race...... 

    I stood at the finish line with a bunch of other parents yelling for all of our high school girls.  AND THEN FINALLY.......

T-Rex came over the hill. 

     She finished at 36 minutes and 42 seconds.... which is good for your first time out.  I am proud of the perseverance she has shown this summer, and glad that she has found something she enjoys.  Now, she has a time to beat at the next meet.  I'm looking forward to watching that time come down!

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