Wednesday, August 21, 2013

First Day of School - 2013-2014

 A hectic first day of school as all 4 are up at the same time (as well as Brian and I trying to get ready for work).  Big Al has an early class, so she and T-Rex have joined us in the morning rush.

Blondie was the first out the door for 6th grade.  Brian dropped her off at her middle school magnet, and she has come home saying she loves 6th grade (I hope that feeling lasts).

 Cheesie and I were next for the drive to fifth grade.  She is very excited, and LOVES her teacher.  She is already working on her first project, and thrilled with the ideas they discussed today.

T-Rex and Big Al left last, so I had to grab them as they were..... without shoes. T-Rex is headed to 9th grade and then went straight to cross country practice.  Big Al is in 111th and is still cheering, and has added a job to her list of places to be.  Both came home optimistic about this year.

I am still teaching 5th grade STEMs, am team leader, and mentoring an intern. I think my students are awesome, and I'm really looking forward to helping them find out how cool learning can be.

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