Saturday, August 24, 2013

Friday Night Lights and Saturday Morning Races

     Since the school year has started, the sports season has kicked into high gear.  Big Al's first football game of the season was last night.  The problem is that she is a Varsity cheerleader, and at Varsity games all of the students stand throughout it.... which leads to camera issues.

They had a great game and beat the other team quite easily.

At the end of the game the girls have to sing the school song.

Last year at a game, Big Al let this little girl hold her pom poms for a little bit.  Ever since then, the little girl (who comes to watch her brother play) has idolized Big Al.  At the end of the game she came running down to the front to talk to her, and was so excited that Big Al remembered her. It was a great reminder for my daughter that little girls are watching everything she does, and to be a good role model. I love that she took the time to speak to the little one and probably made her night!

After getting home fairly late we were up super early to take T-Rex and her friend to their Cross Country meet.  
The Varsity team was awesome, and placed very well.  This is a great group of girls who have really made sure to include the younger girls.  Their leadership skills are obvious. 

After the Varsity girls', and JV boys' race it was the JV girls turn.  T-Rex took her place in her first official race. 

There were TONS of teams there (this picture shows maybe half of them). They were spread out across the field and had to sprint across before being funneled through a chute.  The race wound through the woods, and over sand and roots, so the girls had a narrow route to follow. 

T-Rex at the beginning.

After she started we walked over to another viewing point before they all disappeared into the woods.  You could tell she was starting to hurt at that point.

Finally she finished and I know she was exhausted.  She didn't beat her personal best time, but it was a much harder course to run than the scrimmage.  I'm proud of her for finishing though because I know not everyone takes on this type of challenge. 

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