Thursday, May 1, 2008

From ticked off to SO PROUD

I swear I don't have mood swings. I just had one of those days when you realize how much of a difference therapy makes.

Today, Blondie (#3 chose this as her blog name) opened a drawer with her "sleepy hand." Folks this is HUGE. She has gone from limp noodle, doesn't remember she even has a left side, no muscle tone, to using it for something functional. Ms. Kathy, the #1 therapist EVER, is in the background, and Blondie is reciting her school mantra.

She also turned a lightswitch on and off and held a mask. The pictures are above because I can't make this blog put them RIGHT HERE where I can talk about them. I'll have to wrestle it later. Any suggestions on how to do this would be greatly appreciated.

Anyway, I am so proud to see how hard she works. She has been very anti-therapy lately, but with an Icee as an incentive- NO I don't always bribe my children..... just this one...... to perform amazing feats at therapy...... - and bringing a camera along, helped get amazing results. I hope all the grandparents out there will be proud. Those of you that are tuning in, I think a lot of you are from my yahoo group, so I KNOW you understand. THIS KID IS HOT!!! Post a comment, and boost her ego. Thanks! Kelly


Jessie said...

Go Blondie Go!
I can tell you worked very hard today! Keep up the great attitude and hard work - you will go far!
Love and Prayers!
Jessie's mom

TEAM TOAST said...


Hi, this is Aunt Lori's friend....Leigh Ann...I am so proud of you and all that you are doing. I hope to meet you and your family some day soon.

Keep it up! You are doing your BEST to be your is all up to you! :)