Friday, May 16, 2008

T-Rex had a good day

After school today I grabbed the two big girls and we snuck over to watch Prince Caspian. VERY glad the little ones didn't go because it contained a lot of battle scenes - great battle scenes, but a lot of them. It was also a bit different from the book, but absolutely wonderful. T-rex loves these books, and has been counting down to see this one, so I was glad to oblige.

When the movie was over we walked around the shops looking for a birthday present for a friend of Big Al's, and walked into an earring store. T-rex has been thinking about ear piercing for awhile now, but always is a little too squeamish. To my surprise when I asked if she wanted to try today, she said YES! AND THEN SHE DID IT!!! So look at the bling in her ears, and the smile on her face. My 2nd daughter is growing up too.

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