Saturday, May 31, 2008

Dinner tonight

I promise to post pictures of T-Rex's balloon ride this past Friday, and catch up on a few other topics, but I had to share with grandparents Blondie's cooking prowess.

Blondie is 6. We were in the garden tonight and she noticed a few beans growing, so she started picking. When she got a handful she took them in and asked if she could cut them. Now, Blondie only has one hand that works, so I gave her a dull knife and told her to figure it out. She cut the ends off of all of them. Meanwhile I stepped into the restroom - that was probably a mistake. I hear the microwave buttons being pushed and then starting. I hurry out to find a metal bowl in my microwave, beans in the bowl (no water), and a TON of salt and pepper on the beans. She was quite happy to help with making dinner.

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