Thursday, May 15, 2008

I'm not eating it

Strolled outside with the kids tonight to water the garden. We've got green beans and peaches growing at the moment, everything else is still maturing. I showed Cheesie the green beans and had a conversation that went like this:
(Me) Cheesie, come look at this.
(Cheesie) What is it mom?
(Blondie) It's a green bean.
(Cheesie) Ew. I'm not eating it - it's been in the dirt.
The peaches....

No, that isn't a rabbit, that's Tate getting scolded out of the garden. White dogs are not pretty with black dirt on their feet. Everything is getting so tall compared to two weeks ago.
Below is the butterfly garden we have near the kids play area. I'm not too keen on the light mulch, but Brian mumbled something about cheaper, so I guess that's okay. I got Brian the adirondak chairs and stools for his birthday so we have a place to hang out in the shade. Now if we could only get rid of the plastic playground stuff we'll be good to go.... oh, I guess we have to plant the other half of the yard.... and take down trees in the back, and then the front.... and then....
On a different note, stay tuned for May 30th when T-Rex gets a chance to go up in a hot air balloon for being a top AR reader. Now, I'm not really a fan of the program, because SO MANY great books don't have tests, therefore kids tend not to read those, but T-Rex reads everything. Unfortunately I have to be at my last day of school, so I can't be with her - although I'm working on it. Brian will go up with her, and someone else will take photos from the ground, so I think we'll have lots of coverage.

Meanwhile, at therapy today...
Blondie worked out on the elliptical (with lefty holding on), and attempted to dribble a ball.

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