Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fencing Tournament

Today was T-Rex's first fencing tournament. It was divided into age groups, but kids of all skill groups fenced against each other. She is still a very beginner, but ended up with 7th place and a medal.

So here is what we learned:

First you have to put on your oompa loompa overalls (knickers)...... which you pair up with tall socks (a lot of the girls went for the flashy colors) and of course, the converse you don't leave the house without wearing.
You are placed into two pools of contestants and fence against everyone in your pool for round 1....OH, and girls and boys compete against each other equally (which I happen to like). T-Rex won the above bout, and lost the bottom bout. The boy below won 3rd place and definitely had more experience. Then you wait while they shuffle the two pools, and you chat with your friend and neighbor, "S."

Then you fence in bout number two, and wait around for scores. When scores are posted the finalists fence it out for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Then its time for awards. The girl in pink socks won the tournament from Augusta, and the ninth place finisher left before awards.

Blondie could have participated in the afternoon group, but we chose not to let her fence because she had cried a couple days before when T-Rex beat her in class. So until we can display proper sportsmanship we'll watch from the stands. T-Rex learned a lot from the competitors with more experience and we'll see how that helps her in practice.

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