Sunday, March 20, 2011

Peachtree Rock Heritage Preserve

Yesterday was a lovely day in the low 80's, so we packed up our kids, added a friend, printed off some letterboxing clues, and went hiking.

Ready to go!

Sometimes even the drive to someplace fun is tiring by itself.

This is peachtree rock. It has been standing since this part of the state was actually the beach. There is a LOT of sand in this area, and a lot of pinetree forests (like this one). Unfortunately people are dumb and have carved up this rock with their initials so there is a big rope around it urging people to stay back. The interesting thing was all of the worm holes found in the rock. Just below the rock was a wall of rocks and boulders that had a small waterfall and stream coming from it. The girls were looking for the first of two letterboxes in this area, but it appears to have been taken. There was a lot to climb on, and explore, and even Blondie was up for climbing the boulders. They went up to the top of the ledge and played at the top of the waterfall, and got as far under the rock wall as they could as well. The picture below shows some of the natural holes found in the rocks. We didn't find any fossils, but I don't think the girls were looking too hard. They were busy running around and climbing.

Big Al found this tree to climb.

Above are Big Al and Cheesie under the waterfall. Cheesie was doing a lot of posing for her dad, and was game for anything. Big Al was a little more cautious about possibly slipping on the rocks. T-Rex and "S" found a big bullfrog under the ledge of this wall that they were trying to figure out how to catch. Sadly, there was a lot of trash under there too - I really wish people took care of our parks. Below is T-Rex at the top of the waterfall.

We eventually found the rock and tree mentioned in the letterbox clue, but the box was gone. The girls didn't mind though because the rocks, waterfall and stream were a lot of fun to explore. Since there was still a second letterbox to find we set off to find little peachtree rock. Unfortunately the trails are a little confusing so we didn't find it.... instead...

we ended up on a ridge of very white sand. In case you didn't realize it, very white sand reflects very warm sun quite well, and the girls found the tiniest sliver of shade.

After the very white, HOT sand the girls were pooped. Even though we didn't find the second letter box they were ready to go, and it was still a ways to hike back. I think all snacks and most water was consumed by the time we got home.

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