Saturday, March 19, 2011

Opening Night

Brian and my Mom submitted about 13 photographs each for the Photofabulous show in another town. Brian, Mom and the 3 youngest went ahead of me to spend a couple hours. I picked up Big Al from the regional science fair and made it for the last 40 minutes or so.

Brian received two third place ribbons from the judges. One pick was the portrait of Cheesie blowing bubbles (on his left) and the other was the flamingo picture in the upper left corner.

Mom won the most ribbons of anyone in the show - She received 3 first place ribbons (fashion, aquatic and still life), a third place (fashion) and an honorable mention for abstract. We are all thrilled for her.

Cheesie thought everyone should take a picture of her standing next to her "winning" photograph. She looked around and saw that there was a youth division, and was mad that she didn't know so she could enter. She's pretty sure she will rock it next time (very high self-esteem with this one).

Blondie got tired of grazing the food table and found that there was a lot of standing around mingling so she sat on the stairs for a bit. All of the girls found one photographer that they loved - he used women dressed as modern versions of fairy tales and put them in the setting of those fairy tales. Cheesie wanted to buy one, but sadly they weren't for sale.
Overall a nice evening and very proud of Brian and my Mom.

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