Saturday, March 12, 2011


Looking at the date I am shocked that I haven't posted in a month. We've celebrated T-Rex's birthday, watched Blondie meet some challenges, and so many more things. I started this to document our activities for family, but just haven't been feeling the desire to sit down and write at night after our daily grind. I think I'm back on track now, and should be up to my random reportings later today.

So for the last month we:

... went ice skating with the cadette girl scouts. Big Al and the others had a great time. T-Rex tried to overcome her fear of skating, and skated about a fourth of the way around the rink, but then bowed out and could do no more. We were very proud of her for trying anyway.
...took the Brownies to the Children's Theater play of Alice in Wonderland (which turned out to actually be a version of Through the Looking Glass). They all had a great time and loved the cast.
...sold a ton of girl scout cookies with both troops. This was Blondie and Cheesie's first experience doing a booth (didn't really want to do it with Brownies before, but I have a super group of kids and parents who were up for the challenge). Blondie was a CHAMP at dancing in the costume we borrowed for the weekend ..... Cheesie didn't want folks looking at her.
.... celebrated T-Rex's 12th birthday with friends and a sleepover.
Missed? Big Al's trip to Williamsburg - took a camera, but forgot the memory card.
Coming up? T-Rex has a fencing tournament today, and Brian and my Mom are getting ready for a photography show next week and we are looking forward to the opening night party.

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