Saturday, July 6, 2013

Eighth Grade Graduation - June 4, 2013

     T-Rex finished up 8th grade with her magnet group and a big week of celebrations.  This is a super magnet program for gifted kids in our district.  The teachers do a tremendous job with the kids and as many are retiring, I know they will be missed.  

     Their graduation celebration was just for students within their magnet (as opposed to the whole 8th grade). They have all of the teachers (about 12) from 6th- 8th grade come.  They present memories by grade level to the kids.  What I love about this ceremony is that students also give speeches, play music (a WIDE variety) and read their poetry.  It is very student oriented and not the typical stuffy shirt type of ceremony.

     After the ceremony T-Rex and I headed over to the reception while the others went home.  She spent time chatting with teachers and friends. 

     Thursday they have a dance with their group of kids and on Friday they participate in the school-wide ceremony.  THEN THEY ARE FINISHED and off to high school.  I am VERY thankful that T-Rex's friends are mostly going to her high school so she starts off with a great group of friends to hang out with. 

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