Saturday, July 6, 2013

Fifth Grade Graduation - June 5, 2013

     Another major milestone this week as Blondie walked across the stage for her elementary school graduation.  I am very proud of her accomplishments this year.  She was moved from her school for 2-4th grade back to our neighborhood school for 5th grade.  We did this for a couple reasons: 1.) She got into our STEMS magnet and I thought it would be good for her to meet up with kids she would head to middle school with, 2.) She needed to see what a typical school load was like without the group accommodations of her other magnet - one that caters to kids who learn differently and 3.) She would be in my math/science classroom so I would get a chance to see how she learns.

     She did fairly well this school year and rolled with all of the changes.  She showed me many things about how she learns, and most importantly, made a lot of good friends.  The kids in the two classes that made up her grade level for the magnet were tremendously inclusive with her.  Once everyone realized that she was treated like everyone else (or harder, in her opinion) they just got to know her.  She went to many birthday parties, sleepovers, and of course the big manatee trip. 

**Sorry about the eye glare, I couldn't get it to fix in photoshop - I'll have to have Brian do it** We found our places for difficulty, but the positives for this year really outweighed the negative.

     Next year she will be at the middle school version of our STEM magnet with many of the same kids and a bunch of new ones (we take 44, they take 80ish).  She is looking forward to summer, but also to hanging out with her friends. 

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