Friday, July 26, 2013

Making Candles - June 28, 2013

    If you're married to, or related to, a teacher..... you may know that we have a terrible problem with hoarding every copy of everything we might use in the classroom.  We also are known to hold on to old "stuff" in case we change back to that grade level.  HOWEVER, with everything on the internet (and easily found on pinterest), emptying those unused bins of junk is a priority this summer.  

    While emptying one of my bins, I found an old coffee can and crockpot that I used when I taught 4th grade (a LONG while ago) as well as a huge block of wax.  I hauled it all out, and asked the girls if they wanted to make candles (why yes, they did).  So we added water to the crockpot, inserted the coffee can of old wax, and while that melted we whacked the huge chunk of wax into pieces.
     The girls started out by dipping, but after doing a bunch of wonky looking ones they decided to use the little votive forms, as well as old glass jars that used to hold candles and poured the wax in.  So I now have a whole bunch of candles in case of an emergency.   BUT, I still have a lot of wax left so I wasn't able to empty that bin, but I did manage to get about 9 bins down to 3 so I'm calling that progress. 

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