Saturday, July 6, 2013

Paddle Fest - June 15, 2013

     It is absolutely no secret that I make time for a good paddle on the river.  I love the serenity and nature, and with Paddle Fest it also supported a good cause.  My kayak buddy Karen wasn't able to go on June 15th so I brought......

     those two.  

     Big Al went kayaking with her girl scout troop when she was about 12, but she was so tiny, and the Charleston harbor was so choppy that she really did not have the strength to hold her own.  At 16 I figured she should be fine, although she wasn't so sure..... so she invited "M" along - misery loves company, right?  This was a paddle to benefit a boy's home down in the Pee Dee area of our state.  They take in young men who need counseling and education to combat abuse or neglect in their lives.  It was about a 6 mile paddle so it was pretty easy. 

     We were in the water with a bunch of folks and kids (and a lot of new-to-kayaking folks). Once I let go of people paddling wrong and let them figure it out then I relaxed and just enjoyed. 

     Big Al was excited when a dragonfly landed on her boat and hitched a ride. We didn't see a lot of birds on this trip - one green heron, probably because of all the people chatting and having fun. 

     The girls quickly learned to relax and sunbathe (their life jackets are immediately behind them on the kayak).

We had a lot of dragonflies landing on us,

as well as a bunch of little fish camps to enjoy along the way.  Halfway through they had a checkpoint where they handed out watermelon and bottled water. Once we arrived we were able to enjoy a free lunch (and the girls were excited to find a "swag bag") and bluegrass music.  This is a great event, and I'll definitely participate next year if we're in town. 

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