Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bellydancers, Special kids, and Steve Doocy

Last night I went with friends and my mom to watch my sister's bellydance company. She was supposed to perform with her alternacirque, but they got rained out - can't eat and dance with fire if the wind is blowing. My sister is a graduate of Tulane who had back problems in college. Her doctor suggested she take up bellydancing because it actually strengthens your back. She did, and loved it. When Katrina hit and she and her boyfriend came up here, she got a job as a paralegal, and began to try to build her own little company. She has been reasonably successful, but is trying to make the jump to doing it full time which is very difficult. When she started dancing here she met two guys who do fire slinging and eating, a hula-hooper, stiltwalkers, actors, etc. and they have formed the alternacirque. They were supposed to do their last show last night, but we'll have to wait until March to see them now.

This afternoon Ms. Kathy (PT) had a get together on the green in front of her office. The children she treats, and their families, gathered for a day of celebrations. My cadet girl scout troop came to help too, so there was a lot of fun. It was really nice to meet the other families and celebrate the successes our children have made. I know we're VERY proud of Blondie and the progress she has made. Blondie spent a LOT of time at the cookie frosting table - didn't eat half of them, and the big girls had a lot of fun with the parachute and the little kids. My FAVORITE thing to see are the little bitty guys (and girls) running around with their walkers. One little girl is almost 3 and finally is able to walk in the last two months because Ms. Kathy loaned her a walker. Her insurance company just approved the bill for it, but unfortunately the child has already outgrown the one that was ordered quite a few months back. There is something seriously wrong with our system when a child needs medical equipment, and by the time it gets to her its too small - AND she won't qualify for another one for about 6 more months.

Tonight, Steve Doocy from Fox News was at our local book store signing copies of his new book. Since Brian works from home all day, he usually has it on in the background. I ran over there to get a copy signed for him for Christmas - he already knows about it, and spent about an hour in line. He seems like a nice guy, loves to cut jokes. He jumped up on the table, and gave a little speech about his book and then got very busy signing tons of copies.

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