Saturday, October 18, 2008

Project Day

Apparently everyone has a project to do today. Big Al and her friend- Big I (I count her as my 5th daughter) were working on their Egyptian projects. They have been friends since 2nd grade, but go to different middle schools now. Big Al finished her movie about mummies, and is now mummifying a Ken doll. Her friend is painting a pyramid with heiroglyphics.

Blondie has positioned herself next to Big I to take advantage of the paints that I would never let her use in a million years, but somehow she has managed to use them today. Thankfully she has on her apron.

T-Rex and my mom are making a doll dress for an American Girl doll - I hate sewing doll clothes, but may have to take this up for T-Rex's sake. Cheesie is grabbing all of the scraps to "make" something with, so she is essentially in the way.

I went out and cleaned up my garden so now I'm down to very happy green peppers and jalapenos, and a few green bean vines. I'm glad that chore is over with though. I'm on the hunt for some sort of calendar that tells me when I can plant different vegetables in zone 8, so I can have a longer, more productive veggie garden next year.

Gotta run, my assistant girl scout leader is here to make me do my planning - on to the next project.

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Cameron's Blog said...

Hey girl, Just wanted to check in with you all to say hello. Did you all get the Saebo yet? Cameron is doing really well, it is amamzing that they still can make such big gains even after over a year out from surgery. Take care. Shelly