Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Remember doing this as a little girl? Cheesie is 5, so she has just figured out that she can make something rather useful. Thankfully she picked me to be the recipient of her first pot holder, and I suspect she'll make many more for Christmas. She did it all by herself - I did have to binnd it off for her, but otherwise she picked everything and was determined to follow the pattern she created. Definitely something I will be pleased to use.
Blondie has had an absolutely rotten couple of days at school. When she grows she definitely gets "out of whack" with the whole brain surgery
thing. This week she has been taking it out on her teacher, so we've gotten two notes home and its only Wednesday. I've also noticed a very particular spatial issue she is having which I'll blog about later this week. It would be easier to explain with pictures. I'll try to remember to bring my camera tomorrow to therapy, but honestly I've been doing a lot of teacher planning during that time lately (new units of study to plan).

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TEAM TOAST said...

I have not forgotten about you. I was waiting to here from a good OT that I know. I got some good info..I will call you this weekend! :) Lori