Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween happenings

Last night the girls carved the pumpkin with Brian. Cheesie thought it was pretty neat, and I was surprised she stuck with it - she usually doesn't like getting her hands too dirty.

Tonight, Big Al had her friend "I" over, and a BOY "S". They all went out with the little girls and Brian and came back after about an hour. Then the big kids went back out and finished up with an obscene amount of candy in their bags. Truly, 4 kids with candy is TOO MUCH.

Cheesie cracked me up with her costume because she wanted to be a princess fairy. She simply went to the dress up closet and found a disney costume, threw on some wings, and then tonight added the cowboy boots. She was QUITE pleased.

I know that all too soon Big Al won't want to go with us, she'll want to be at a party, or with friends, so I am really enjoying this time with all of them. It definitely goes too fast.

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