Saturday, November 1, 2008

No breaks

It seems lately that we are always on the move, and never taking a break. We work, tag team kids with homework and driving to activities, and then in the evenings we might get to sit, but we're getting up to wash little heads, work on the laundry, cook dinner, clean up the dishes, etc. The weekends are really busy right now. It's getting colder, so we don't have tennis every weekend (just when its over 40 degrees), we only have 2 soccer games left, and 1 tournament so that is cutting down. However, we are constantly having to update the house.

When we bought this house it was pretty trashed holes in the walls, chipped sinks, a NASTY kitchen, etc.. We have pulled down all of the wallpaper, and painted every room now. We noticed that Blondie's allergies were really bad, so we pulled carpet out of their room and put in hardwood floors, but thats when I decided I wanted to have the continuous hardwood look, so then it continued out the door into the hall, and into T-Rex's room. This meant that I had to repaint T-Rex's room because she had outgrown the mural I painted on her wall when we moved in and she was 3 - not to mention pulling out her rug. Then there were the refinished beds (gorgeous antigue spindle beds we painted white) for the little girls, and T-Rex got a "new" double bed. All of those things required the perfect bedding. Then we finally got more hardwood, and it sat in my library (which needs repainting because I hate the color, and built in bookshelves, and wood floors, etc.) for months. So last weekend I started REALLY paring down what was in my room so we could scoot furniture to one side, had kids hauling floorboards upstairs, and Brian got busy putting it down. This weekend, the fun continues. Once we finish this we'll need a new headboard, side tables, then repaint Big Al's room, pull out her carpet, then....

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