Sunday, November 9, 2008

Totally missed an anniversary

And it was a GREAT anniversary to forget. November 5, 2004 I got one of the worst calls in my life. Daycare called to say that Blondie was acting weird, not responding, and then when the "spell" passed she wouldn't stay awake. I went flying over to daycare, rushed her to the pediatrician to simply find a normal little girl. So I went shopping with her on my unexpected rest of the day off, and then in the middle of the department store I saw her first seizure. I left an entire cart of Christmas presents sitting in the aisle, picked up my baby, sped down the road, and walked right past the desk at the doctor's office to find anyone could help. Little did I know the journey we were about to begin, but it was a doozy.

So 4 days and 4 years later, I'm in the car and remember the date, and how it has passed unnoticed. How is that for progress? Some of you who read this blog can't imagine that time ever showing up in your own life, but I promise it will come and then you will realize that you are living again. Fully living, and enjoying your life.

So in honor of all of the things that are normal in her life, I want to show you just what "disabled" looks like.

Pretty normal, huh?

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