Tuesday, November 4, 2008

This message brought to you by the letter D for democracy

In my current state students are off on election day - unlike the last state in which I lived, but today that was a FANTASTIC idea.
First, I had to get up this morning and get over to the DMV to get a second copy of my license because it all of the recent shoveling of junk from upstairs for the new flooring, mine has gone missing - AND I HAD TO VOTE today.

So then I thought, "hmmmmm since everyone will try to vote and then go to work I'll wait until 11 ish and then miss the crowds." So at the self-appointed time, I ran over to my school to vote and thought I picked the PERFECT time because there was a line inside, and a short line outside. So I waited in the short outside line for about 20 minutes when they suddenly let all of us in..... and then I walked down the REALLY LONG hall that was REALLY packed with people, and then hung a right and went down that shorter hall, and hung another right and went down that really long hall too (reason why it was really good we didn't have school today). Clearly everyone didn't get my memo that I was supposed to skate right through line because I had to move on to my next activity of the day. I was forced to leave because there was no way I was getting out of there in under 3 hours.

At 12:45 my driveway was packed with 11 little girls trying not to let me see that some of them had cell phones. One of my girl scout troops (I now have 3 - I know, I know) was doing community service at a local food bank and I was the chauffer and chief glarer. After touring the food bank, the girls worked their fannies off stuffing 2000 envelopes. They did it in a little over an hour and saved the food bank from having to out source it. Their reactions were quite interesting though because it definitely wasn't what they thought it would be, and many decided they would never work in an office that had envelopes.

So I returned home around 4:00 and decided to vote, and found a short line again. I really had no choice though, I had to get in line before the after work crowd showed up. I was ecstatic to see that it was actually a VERY short line, and took only about 26 minutes from start to finish. I did have to cancel Blondie's therapies though, but I'll try to post about those on Thursday.

I hope everyone got their chance to exercise their fundamental American right to vote, and everyone wears their sticker today and tomorrow regardless of the outcome.

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