Saturday, November 15, 2008

The cast comes off

On Wednesday, Brian took Blondie to get her cast off. She walked out of the office and said "YES!" We've noticed that although she has maintained her strength her lower arm is actually more rotated the wrong way. So we took her to therapy on Thursday and her therapists are now focused on working that back to what it was (which wasn't great either, but better than what we have now).

She could straighten it above her head (LOOK AT THAT WRIST TRYING TO STRAIGHTEN)...

And out to the sides....

And out front if we wanted it to turn with her thumb down (which is what we fight).

Thumb in a regular position was fine,

But palm up was the worst. She absolutely can not straighten her arm that way. Anything we do palm up is very difficult at this point. We'll keep working on it though, and hopefully eventually conquer it.

Then we went home to find Cheesie (and one of the dogs) sleeping at 6:30 p.m. like this:

She had pulled out the papasan chair cushion, and curled up on it. The dog had taken over her pillow and wouldn't budge.... Cheesie wouldn't budge either - another night she slept through dinner. What are they doing in Kindergarten?

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