Saturday, November 29, 2008

Turning twelve

Big Al was born on Thanksgiving Day 12 years ago. We had a traditional family get together minus an aunt and an uncle (friends come next week for a few hours). We are re-doing Big Al's bedroom - new paint (teal - I'm finished), new bedding (teal and chocolate brown), new flooring (Brian needs to start that tomorrow), and I need to find curtains.

The day started by picking up her great friend (Big I) and going to see Twilight. Big Al (and every other middle school girl I know) has read the first two books - I'll admit I have read them all - so this was a definite MUST see. We decided that the movie was excellent, Jasper does indeed look to be in pain throughout the whole thing, Carlisle is HOT (my opinion) and so is Edward, although his nose bothered me. I actually liked it a little better than the book because you didn't need to wade through endless whines about Bella's inability to live without him - puhlease. The only down side was all of the overly whitened teeth worn by every single person in that movie - really bugged me - but I really appreciated the diversity in casting.
After the movie we went to get a "WAY MORE MATURE" haircut which was then promptly put into a ponytail just like every other day, except for the bangs which dangle just enough to irk the mom.
As soon as Grandma Cathy and Aunt Christy and Cate showed up it was TIME FOR PRESENTS. Oma and Granddad sent gorgeous earrings, and Grandma Cathy gave the perfect gift certificates, but the box that Big Al was DYING to open had been sitting in my room for the last month taunting her from Grandma Davis. Yes ladies, my daughter now owns two Vera Bradley bags (a purse and a backpack). Big Al has been drooling over the purse since this summer, and was pumped to get a matching backpack. Everyone ate lovely hamburgers prepared by Brian, and Big I got to spend the night.
All in all, an enjoyable celebration of a great person.

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