Saturday, November 8, 2008

Someday, when I'm old, I can just sit....

But I am not old today! (Although I did just slug Big Al for asking if I was sure about that statement)

Today I took a few of my Brownies to a local puppet theatre to see the Wizard of Oz (or if you're Cheesie - Wizard uh Boz). I hadn't been there before, but the girls are working on a dolls and puppet try-it, so we took advantage of a dirt cheap outing (4 BUCKS - cheaper than starbucks). You know how in the movie little children cry when Dorothy gets sucked up into the tornado? They do that in puppet theatres too, not my Brownies - 'cause Blondie was actually giggling - but all of the other little kids. All in all it was enjoyable, but they only do new shows about every 6 months so I won't go back until the next show starts up in January. I also took T-Rex ( who always likes something new even if it might be too little) and Cheesie as well, and everyone had a good time. I was quite impressed because they really scaled down the story to about 45 minutes so the little ones weren't too bored.

After the puppet show I went to school to cut an endless supply of 2-liter bottles into terrarium/aquarium things because the critters show up for them on Wednesday. I did manage to slice my finger open, and I learned never to ask the assitant principal for
first aid because my thumb ended up looking like a cartoon. From there we were close to the time that our fall carnival at school began so then I ran around having fun with kids. At one point another fifth grade teacher and I raced up an inflatable climbing wall - I lost because I was laughing so hard. I think my entire girl scout troop was there - thankfully we finished before my boss came marching out. If I find someone with the pictures I'll post them - of course I'm sure the angle won't be flattering.

Go do something with your kids - turn off the football games - it was a beautiful day.

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