Thursday, December 4, 2008

Recap for the week.

Remember when I said we are always on the go? I find myself reading my favorite blogs where people seem to be at peace. I think, sometimes, I would like to find myself sitting in a rocking chair staring at the snow, but the reality is that I would probably go crazy after awhile. I'm really not one of those women who have to "do it all," but with four kids you tend to find yourself very busy - and doing a whole bunch of "it." Somehow I still find peace in the action, and I do really make time for myself and find some stillness in this house.

Sunday night we decorated the tree. We bought an artificial tree a few years ago (I swore I never would - but I had babies and worried about fire) and it is around 9 feet tall. With small children we definitely experience the phenomenon of all the ornaments gathered in one spot on the tree (about waist high and below). I gave up spreading them out last year because Cheesie remembers where EVERYTHING was placed and points out everything she put somewhere that has been moved. So our tree looked like the picture above.

Monday I expected to come home and work on Big Al's costume for her Latin/Greek mythology monologue that all students in her program are required to present. Now, let me admit, that I am the world's biggest procrastinator, and we've known about this project since August, AND they even extended the deadline BUT, Monday night I thought that I had two more nights to finish her costume and planned on tacking leaves on the front, but she announced that she volunteered to go a day early, so now we all had to do it in one night. So T-Rex, Big Al and I tacked on a ton of silk leaves so that Mother Earth would be ready to present. Brian was able to watch her perform. So she has at least one parent to cheer her on. ** Yes mom, I know, red eye. Go ahead fix it.** They had to write their monologues in more modern language to explain a part of their character, and she chose when Mother Earth tricked somebody into eating a rock baby so that Zeus would be the new king.

Tonight, after Blondie's OT, we attended to T-Rex's chorus concert. VERY CUTE! The kids were rocking with "Elfis" and really did an excellent job. I was worried because I helped wrangle kids during the rehearsal, but they pulled it all together, remembered their lines, and stayed quiet in-between songs. All-in-all a very successful program.

Yes, we're busy..... but happy.

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