Thursday, December 25, 2008

The background on Christmas presents

I read a blog a few months ago where the lady made little felt donuts for her daughter's kitchen set. T-Rex and I decided to make those donuts for Cheesie because she was going to get a kitchen set for Christmas. Lo and behold when I did a google search (and an etsy search) I found that these food items weren't limited to just donuts. I guess because of the whole China/lead in toys controversy... a lot of moms are making their children's toys. So I looked at pictures online and made some eggs, and some french bread, then I became addicted. I eventully bought two patterns from Jeanette Lim (etsy shop here) because I wanted to buy healthy examples of food (fruit), and then I caved and bought the popcorn/m&m pattern too. Now I'm a quilter, and a knitter, but I don't really sew beyond joining quilt blocks together.

This felt food addiction led to the idea where each of my girls should receive something homemade. So Cheesie and Blondie were getting felt food, Cheesie also got a knitted doll blanket, and T-Rex got a tote bag and an unfinished blanket (I PROMISE it will be done) and Big Al also got a UFO (unfinished object) afghan.

Big Al decided to make the little girls homemade playdoh (VERY easy) and way better colors, and then Cheesie decided on making her pot holders (although she is two short - I guess we all have projects to finish this week). Blondie tried her hand at painting ornaments, and T-Rex started to make little jewelry boxes for the little girls, but got sidetracked with the scarf she is knitting. So, I guess I'm not only passing on my love of handmade things, but also my inability to meet deadlines (2 unfinished afghans). BUT.... I can continue my addiction to felt food because I know Cheesie likes to imagine her kitchen set and all of the possibilities.

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