Sunday, December 7, 2008


I found one more video of Big Al's party that I thought I'd share. Notice Blondie in the middle of the tween mosh pit? Since she dances like that anyway, she fit right in. That kid is afraid of NOTHING.

On Saturday I wasn't feeling well, but as you know moms can never feel crummy. The cadet girl scouts had committed to a neighborhood craft show, and had worked on making their own jewelry for a badge they wanted to do. So the other leaders and I got them set up, and I had to duck out to take the junior girl scouts to ice skating across town. The girls (T-Rex included) were excited, but nervous, because here in the south we aren't born with ice skates on our feet. Once they got there they decided it was just like roller skating except harder when you fall, and MUCH colder. One girl asked me why they couldn't just turn on the heat and make it more enjoyable - I pointed out that was called swimming not ice skating. T-Rex had a lot of fun and figured it out eventually. We ate pizza at the rink, and then came home.

After the girl scouts were picked up I took Big Al and her friend Big I, and T-Rex and her friend "S" and we went Christmas shopping. Later, Brian and I started wrapping presents while the girls made cookies. Pretty much a Hallmark kind of day.

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Jessie said...

Wow, Look at that kid Jump! I'm glad I got to see some of that Christmas that you're talking about.

Be Happy!