Friday, December 12, 2008


After school today I put my Brownies and my Juniors into different cars, shipped them over to my house (where they met up with my cadets - 24 kids) and ate hotdogs and hot chocolate. The idea initially was to let the girls grill them on the fire pit, but it was WAY to windy - my neighbors (my co-leader) didn't want their house burned down (imagine that). So we cooked them on the regular grill, and then traipsed around the neighborhood singing Christmas Carols. That hasn't happened the whole time I've lived here, but I think we spread some Christmas cheer. We said MERRY CHRISTMAS (not happy holidays) and sang a mix of Church favorites and kid favorites. We were able to swing by their former chorus teacher's house, and made her cry (truly a GREAT teacher). The kids were absolutely wiped out when we got home, but had fun because it wasn't something they had done before. Here's Cheesie finding a place to sleep on the floor with the dog - who really wants a piece of that pillow.

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