Saturday, December 20, 2008

The shopping is finished

Thank goodness. I usually start looking for things the kids might like for Christmas in August, and this year was no different. My goal though was to pay cash, and except for 2 things I think we did!!! I still have a few things to finish making, but will be working on those right up until the night before. NO stress though -if they don't get done they will be completed soon after - and I know they won't mind. Now it's time to get the house in order. Tomorrow is baking and goodies for neighbors - with Monday being a thorough purging of the girls' rooms. May have to run to the grocery store, but I'm not counting that as shopping. I will post the homemade projects after Christmas and when they are being thoroughly enjoyed so we don't give away any hints.
** The picture above is from the zoo, but the official Santa picture still needs to be taken because Cheesie CANNOT keep from blinking in pictures now - just like her Dad!**

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