Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Catching up

On Sunday we went over to my mom's house and helped her put up her tree. She cooked dinner, and T-Rex and Cheesie really got into decorating grandma's tree after Brian set it up. A very enjoyable evening - we always like hanging out with family.

Big Al had a band concert today during school hours, and I couldn't attend. Thankfully my mom was able to go and get a few pictures of her demonstration. She is quite excited that she has been moved to snare drum (the boys are still on bells). Mom said Big Al kept the beat quite well and grandma was suitably impressed. Mom sat through plenty of my brother and sister's performances so she has the ear and knows her music.

Today I took pictures of Blondie's OT appointment to offer insight as to what we are doing.

She started with core tummy work - I could probably use that exercise too.... The goal is to hang off the side without flipping over, and then if she does lose it then she needs to use her tummy muscles to pull back up into position. Then of course, there is the ballerina pose. She isn't being pulled into that position, she can do it by herself, Tonya works her arm into the position, but Blondie is definitely holding herself up.
Then she worked on picking up pegs with lefty, and then waited to release them. We have concerns right now because her fingers are SO flexible that the Saebo we want to use may be ineffective because it will hold her fingers in an unnatural position. So we try to instruct her to open the palm of her hand not flexing open her fingers to open up. In the last video she is doing her toe touches where she tries to consistantly touch the top of the ball (yes she knows the spanish word for 10, she was just being goofy). Enjoy.

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