Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Great Friends

I don't think blog entries should really be posted without pictures, but I don't have one tonight, so here is Blondie on Thanksgiving with either Jessie or Brandon's mitt. I felt rather crummy today (still) and forgot the camera for therapy (which was okay because she rode her bike to the ice cream shop anyway) and then in OT they worked on core (tummy) strength - which I really need to show because it is amazing how she can hang on with lefty if she has too. OH, and she informed me that she was jumping rope yesterday during the Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser at school (verified by PE teacher) - so DEFINITELY need to post that. Yes Cris, she can jump - stick your daughter on a trampoline and see the difference in strength in sides - it becomes VERY noticeable - but it becomes manageable after awhile.

But tonight is really about great friends. I joined a neighborhood bunko group a few years ago - really just an excuse for me to make time for myself to be Kelly, not mom, or Ms. Dawson. It is a great group of women with diverse interests. Initially the fact that we all had kids (in a range of ages) brought us together, but as the kids have grown we have found other topics of conversation (imagine that). So cheers ladies - I enjoy your company.

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