Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bike Madness

Our first three girls, have all participated in a kindergarten Trike-a-thon about bike safety and fundraising for St. Jude's. Friday was Cheesie's turn. I think after watching Blondie do it last year Brian decided that it was a little too rowdy and he better be there this time too. Since I'm obviously teaching during all of these fun activities he gets to take over this one. Here's how it works: Teacher discusses bike safety all week, children raise money for St. Jude's (a wonderful organization) and then on Friday everyone brings their bikes, helmets, scooters, big wheels, whatever to school. They then block off the back parking lot and the kids ride around the big loop. Unfortunately that still means a BUNCH of 5-year olds zooming around on their bikes. Brian stopped by my classroom on the way out and said it was a bit like NASCAR racing with a big crash at the end (Cheesie was part of it). I just hold my breath and hope my child comes back. Thankfully this year it was only one class at a time and we had a LOT of military volunteers to jump in if necessary.

So how does therapy progress with a broken arm? A bit modified. Blondie worked on her abs in PT, but was very tired from her 2nd day of school with a cast. She doesn't like that she can't run and climb on the playground, so we have made a recess bag with color books, crayons and puzzles for her to have at one of the picnic tables - so she is a bit grumpy. At therapy she worked on having her knees squeeze and hold on to the ball, and did leg lifts too. For OT we have decided to take advantage of not being able to use the arm to focus on her regular handwriting. When you don't have two hands to hold toys when playing you don't tend to have as much fine motor development as other kids. Blondie's handwriting is large and sprawling. In the big scheme of things not too important especially with technology, just something we wouldn't prioritize as high need but would love to see cleaned up a bit.

Last night I missed the best photo op for Cheesie's crazy sleeping habits. She was asleep before dinner (about 6:30) and refused to wake up. Brian carried her to the table anyway thinking she would wake up, but she just dropped her head to the table and continued to sleep. She woke up as I was readying the camera and started to cry because she just didn't want to eat, she wanted to go to bed. We let her go to bed VERY early, and she never did eat. Trike-a-thon really wore her out.

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