Friday, October 3, 2008

Update for the week

Last Saturday -

Cheesie's 2nd tennis lesson with pictures. Blondie got to practice with the bigger kids, and really had to work on how to run across the courts and hit the ball. It really didn't help that she was running with the tennis coach on her left side (no peripheral vision) and she didn't always see the ball. Cheesie worked hard, but found it exhausting. She enjoys it, and is quite serious when playing.

Thursday -
Clarinet or Percussion?

PERCUSSION!!!! The only girl in sixth grade to be playing percussion. Now remind me in about 4 months, when my head is throbbing, that I was actually rooting for her.

Big Al: Changing stereotypes one band director at a time.

Therapy for Blondie was also exciting. She is suddenly using the left hand to do simple tasks. She reached into a bag to pull out some decorations, and then held them in lefty until Ms. Kathy hung them up. She also leaned on her left arm and then bending and straightening her elbow. Today in my classroom she used the manual pencil sharpener and held the pencil with lefty. More and more progress all of a sudden.

All in all a busy week. Similar to many others, but exciting nonetheless. Here is this week's picture of Cheesie's crazy sleeping positions. She is so tired by the end of the week. Last night she fell asleep like this on the couch, and then skipped dinner entirely. We carried her to bed around 7:30.

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