Friday, February 6, 2009

Blondie revisits Dr. Park

Blondie had her brain surgery 4 years ago at the Medical College of Georgia. Dr. Park and his team were fantastic, and he is still one of Blondie's very favorite people. I think that even at the age of 3 she understood that he helped save her life, and even now with the enormity of the situation still unknown she still knows he is special.

Every year we do a neuropsych evaluation and see how she is doing developmentally and IQ wise. Every year we get the same results - pretty much average - which is generally good news. This year our appointment with Dr. Park was quite a few months after the evaluation, but we went to see him anyway to discuss the possibility of meds for ADD type behavior- not hyperactivity, because in general Blondie is very well behaved, but to help with concentration in learning which I must say I'm on the fence about. I'm not sure it is needed, so we asked for guidance. Apparently, statistically, on a long questionaire we filled out (and her teacher filled out) she shouldn't really need meds, but he wanted us to try a blind study anyway. So in the next few weeks we will send Blondie to school on a half dose for a week, a full dose for a week, and no dose for a week, and see if we notice anything helping. Her teacher will keep track of her thoughts, as will we, and then decide if it is needed or not.
While we were waiting, Blondie played with the model of the brain, and WHAT DO YOU KNOW, it separated into halves. So yes, that is my brain surgery kid, holding half a brain - morbid joke I know, but if you can't laugh you aren't quite past it.
On the way home she was wiped out - it was a LONG day. Hopefully soon we'll hear from another few families (the hospital has them talk to us) going through the same thing, and see if we can help them make the decision that is best for their family. After all, that was one of the initial goals of this blog- show others it isn't the end of the world.
All in all a good afternoon with one of the most beloved people in our life - Dr. Park. I'm not sure he realizes how much he means to us, but in our opinion he saved Blondie's life, and we are thankful each and every day.

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The Source said...

Stopped by your blog to browse and thought "Wow! That doctor looks familiar!" My son had spinal cord surgery at the same hospital when he was four. Dr. Park wasn't our surgeon, but he took over care when our doctor left.

How wonderful that your daughter continues to make progress with the use of her arm and hand!