Saturday, February 21, 2009


Today I took my junior girl scouts to the local food bank to work toward their bronze award (they have to do a lot of badge work, and then 15 hours of community service for one organization). T-rex decided to come today too even though she isn't ready to work on her service time yet. Those 8 girls and I made and loaded 720 boxes of food for families in need
in our city. They were quite proud - one
more weekend to go, and they will
earn their bronze.

Meanwhile, Brian took Big Al and the little girls to Big Al's soccer game. He got some excellent pictures. Cheesie was trying to eat her cheetos and play soccer, and Blondie seems to look like she wants to fall over, but it was a beautiful day to kick a ball around. Big Al's team was able to tie 0-0 with this team - we are proud. The other team was older, so this is a good accomplisment for our girls.

T-rex, Big Al and I all ended our day with 4 hours of girl scout cookie booths, and boy are we all tired. Buy those cookies folks - they freeze well, and these girls are really learning a lot about helping other people, and going on exciting adventures (at least in my troops). Heading for bed, enjoy the pics.

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