Saturday, February 14, 2009

My daughter wants a yellow card

Big Al started playing travel soccer last year, and this year her team is also playing up a year. So a whole bunch of 6th graders, are playing a whole bunch of 7th graders. As parents we tend to measure things in ..... um..... bra sizes. If the other team needs them, we have no chance. Now keep in mind, Big Al weighs about 65 pounds and still wears a girl's size 10(she's 12) so she is pretty tiny to begin with.
This past fall we would get on Big Al because she wasn't quite being aggressive when it came to some of the games. This all took an extreme change at the beginning of January when my neice posted some VERY rough played games she participated in, and Big Al started to think that getting a yellow card was cool. We have cautioned her that fighting and cursing are so far out of bounds that it isn't even an option, but we also figure that with someone her size, playing someone their size a goal of a yellow card may just make her as aggressive as she should be in the first place.

Today was the first game of the spring season, and she played pretty well, except that I saw those illegal elbows (ref didn't) and she pushed another player quite a few times from behind (ref missed that too). When I told her about it she flatly denied it.... until I got home and looked at the pictures......

To me... this is appropriate contact (Big Al on the right in Blue going after the ball with "man on."

Um..... not so legal...... (Big Al on left with both hands on opponent).

So what do you think?

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