Saturday, February 28, 2009

A girl and her bow

Should someone ever storm our parapet walls, T-Rex will be at the ready.

T-Rex switched from horseback riding to archery (maybe next year she can shoot arrows ON horseback) and has really enjoyed it. She is my non-competitive child. She hates swim meets, and gets nauseated at the thought of performing, but if she enjoys the event she will participate. Today was her second tournament and she was MUCH improved compared to last fall. Most of her arrows were on target, and she got several bulls eyes.
Although she didn't medal, her group did win the team trophy.
For Christmas she went out with my sister and received her very own bow, so she now can practice in the backyard. She is still quite excited about having her very own weapon, and keeps her bow and arrows in her room.

Here is her own target 4 bulls eyes and most on target. She is definitely improving. Way to go T-Rex

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