Sunday, March 1, 2009

Double digits

This past Thursday T-Rex turned 10 years old. This is my child that at 10 days old was airlifted for emergency heart surgery. I guess she broke us in for all of the hospital visits to come. She is my introspective child. She loves to read about the Great Depression and the "old" ways of doing things. She is the one I climbed the pear tree for so she could have every single pear to learn how to can them. She watches over our vegetable garden, and collects American Girl dolls. She loves horses, cooking and archery, and wants to learn to fence. Her current topic of fascination is Anne Frank. She has always loved asian culture, and has a copy of the Declaration of Indepence framed on her wall. When she was 5 she carried a spy backpack every where she went in case there was crime that needed to be fought. She loves to read stories of survival (I suspect just in case she needs the skills) and is mourning the fact that Crusoe isn't on TV right now.

I suspect that one day she will find a way to combine all of her interests. Perhaps she will sit on her farm one day writing historical fiction waiting for her souffle to rise. Or maybe she'll come home from her job at the zoo, or some foreign assignment with the CIA and head for her barn for a quiet ride on her horse. This kid has a lot of possibilities.

Keep it up T-Rex, I love watching you grow!

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