Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's a date

Friday night was the BIG Father Daughter dance at our school. It was the first one ever at our school, and apparently I missed how BIG it was going to be. Two of my students missed my math test to get their hair and nails done - that sort of woke me up to how much excitement was building. Thursday night T-Rex informs me that she has nothing to wear and really needs a new dress. Now, in her defense, this girl has been growing like a weed, so while Cheesie and Blondie don't need a new dress, T-Rex is down to one that she has worn a million places. So Friday after school she and I went shopping (along with Big Al who needed a birthday present for a friend) and had to go to a bunch of stores because the only thing our right now are Easter dresses, but they weren't very "mature" looking, and since T-Rex doesn't want to look like a giant 5 year old we had to search for the appropriate dress. We finally found a cute top and cinderella type black skirt, and made it back to the house in time to get dressed.

Now, Brian had spent the whole week in Florida, and had pulled a muscle in his back. Add to this that the entire 22 years I've known him he has HATED to dance, and it proves how much he was going above and beyond for his girls. I dropped Big Al off at her party, and then had the WHOLE HOUSE to myself in the peace and quiet. Now, if I had been a fabulous teacher I would have gone to help out, but I was pooped from being the only parent to juggle everything all week, so I chose the silent house.

When the girls got back they were all very happy, and glad that their dad stepped up to dance with them. A wildly successful night by all accounts.

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Holly said...

aww how sweet. They look happy!