Sunday, March 29, 2009

Blogger help needed

Any ideas on how to change that banner at the top? I tried the header widget to change, but it accepts my picture and just sits there.... stupidly.... even though I've saved it in 2 different places. Next question - How do I change the words in those links, and then link it to new pages (no widget thingie for those).


Holly said...

i have no idea how to do anything with layouts on this site

Summer Fae said...

I love the new look! You have done a great job!!

WayneJohn said...

You'll need to resize the new image to meet the same dimensions to ensure it looks like it "fits" there. Otherwise, you'll need to modify your template a bit to get it just right.

If you would like to have it changed, and have a picture, I'd be happy to discuss doing that for you. Just send me a contact message from my site at if you're interested.

I think your header looks great as it is though. :)