Sunday, March 15, 2009

Miserable weekend for futbol

Big Al in white over by the line ref, girl she knocked over in blue on the left.

I can't wait for Spring to finally get here. I don't mind watching soccer in the rain, but the rain and cold is just miserable. Big Al had a tournament this weekend. They lost, but played well - just playing bigger kids. The nice thing about this season is that we are only losing by one or two goals - compared to the 7 or 8 goals in the fall, so the girls are definitely getting better. This weekend, the fields were close together so the girls didn't have a bench to sit on, and it had been pouring rain in the early hours of the morning - now we were also playing in the early morning (at the field by 7:45), but the ground was drenched. We only had 1 sub, so while Big Al had her turn to wait, she was trying to be comfortable on cold wet ground on the soccer bags.
She played very aggressively, and at one point had a foul called on her for knocking down another girl. One of the other moms leaned over to me and said, "OH, she almost got her yellow card," but this ref was very good in warning the girls about their fouls instead of just handing out the card.
On a totally unrelated note, please check out Megan's blog over at . We hope to one day adopt a child, and Megan is taking a suitcase full of art supplies, and first aid type supplies over to Thailand when they go to get their new son - hopefully soon. This is an orphanage that does really good work with children, and has one that I still pray for because he STILL does not have a mommy. I wish I could be that mom, but it just isn't meant to be at the moment. If you are able to help her out send her an email, she gets right back to you. So, Megan, the Dawsons are sending you the things in the picture below, and hope to send you another box soon.


Megan said...

Oh, Kelly! You are all awesome!! Thank you so much for blessing us and the children with such kindness. I can't wait to show you pics of giving to the orphanage!
Thank you also for mentioning it on your blog!


Holly said...

im going to go check out the bog. i would love to adopt but my husband said he would rather have another ourselves