Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sometimes... Therapy Thursday

Sometimes therapy looks like this:

And sometimes it looks like this

And sometimes it looks like this for awhile....

Until I have to get involved and use tough love to get her "rear in gear." Blondie is learning a new motto - IF ITS HARD - WORK HARDER (my students hear that too). Once the tears subside and she KNOWS I'm not going to back down, then we can get to do this:


Holly said...

Jailynn has been doing so much crying at therapy sessions lately

Kelly said...

Its VERY hard work. I think part of Blondie wants to try to manipulate the therapists too because sometimes it works. We were at one place and every time she cried the receptionist would feel bad and give her candy - amazingly Blondie cried everytime she had therapy. Right now she is being asked to do new things that are hard. It is exhausting on our end though trying to keep it upbeat, and on track.

daisymum7 said...


I wanted to pop by and say hi and thank you for delurking it is nice to see some new faces on the comment roll.

Not sure what this post is about but it looks like the same kind of therapy sessions my best friend does with his son with Angelmans syndrome.

Birthday party in two hours for daisyson4 (soon to be daisyson5).
Still a mile of weed eating to do and a bit of organisation i can hear balloons popping so will be back when i have more time to get to know you and your family better.


Megan said...

Keep up the good work Blondie and Mom!! It is so hard to keep that upbeat attitude going but great benefits!

Thank you for the info on the box. The kids are excited to watch for it.