Saturday, March 7, 2009

What a trooper

Big Al wasn't feeling well on Wednesday, and stayed home from school but seemed to rebound Wednesday night. I suspected "Mathtestitis" and booted her to school the next day. Around 2 she calls my classroom in tears because she has a 102 fever, and Brian was on a conference call and didn't pick up. I guess I was wrong - oops. So she (and later Blondie with a virus too) gave us a run for our money all Thursday night and into VERY EARLY Friday morning. Of course she stayed home Friday (she still has to make up that Math test).

Today she had a soccer game 2 HOURS AWAY. (Only one game, by the way, who schedules these things) and we thought she should try. Of course it was also like 80 degress today after a huge cold snap last week, so it was hot. When we got to the game we realized 4 other girls couldn't play because of injury, or the same fever issues. That meant we didn't have subs, AND we were playing two girls short. She still "plays up" so the other team was a year older. They actually played quite well, and held the score to 0-0 until an accidental handball penalty kick.

When she got off the field her face was BRIGHT RED, and now she is having some sort of allergic reaction/ heat rash thing with little spots all over. We also came home to Brian laid up with a pulled muscle in his back - guess I'm on solo duty this weekend.

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