Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Easter Tree

As a child, I spent 5 years living in Germany. Hanau (Bishofsheim) and Sembach were two of my three favorite places (the third was Ft. Carson) to live growing up. Although we lived on base, or in an American high rise, and we went to American school, the weekends and holidays were anything but American. My parents made a point of having us travel to many of the neighboring countries, sent us with school trips, or girl scouts to wherever we might want to go, and took us skiing in Austria every year. One of my favorite German traditions was the Easter tree. People took pussy willow branches and put them in a vase, and then hung little wooden eggs, or bunnies from them. After living in Germany, my mom started us on the tradition, and now I have passed it down to my children. This year Blondie and Cheesie were pleased to decorate the tree.


Holly said...

its very cute. I wish i had some pussywillow trees to get branches from

Megan said...

What a great idea! I think we might have to start that ourselves. I try to incorporate all our family's nationalities in our holidays and I am German!