Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Goose Whisperer

This is what happens in my backyard when I'm away.

Daddy takes over, and lets the kids do things I NEVER would allow.

I've seen geese go after people and animals before, so although my kids can go up in a hot air balloon, swim in a lake where gators are sometimes seen, and shoot arrows across my my mom radar was seriously shrieking at me and the last time it happened Big Al got burned.

I'm generally NOT in favor of feeding the geese by hand especially when the baby geese are there and all of the adult geese are hissing at each other (not to mention the mess left in the yard). Blondie, however, was bummed that I showed up.


Megan said...

My Mom radar would have been shrieking also!! So loud you probably would have heard it. Great pics though!!

Megan said...

Hi Kelly,
Wanted to let you know I have left an award for you on my blog!!

Love, Meg