Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Brian

Today Brian hit the big 4-0. I met him in high school, when I was 16 and living in Colorado Springs. He was totally unlike any guy I had ever dated, and I will now publicly admit I probably put him through the wringer while I was in college. He joined the Navy and was in Virginia, I joined a sorority and was in SC. He toughed it out, and we got engaged toward the end of college. The day after our wedding in Savannah, GA we got in my tiny Toyota and drove across the country to Seattle (after stopping to visit family in Texas - not exactly on the way). We lived in Seattle for 10 years, he got out of the Navy, and we had 3 kids there. He found a job in SC, and we came back here so the girls could know some of their extended family (we don't get to Texas near enough to visit the other half) and we had another daughter. He is truly my partner in life, and is one of those rare men that pitches in with everything. He has changed diapers, cleaned up after sick kids (better than I do), installed flooring, held tiny little girls needing IV's, slept on couches in hospitals, chauffered kids to events, sat through endless performances (my performances and the girls'), and sat with my Mom and Dad on my Dad's last day (grieved as much as I did - but kept the girls moving forward while I was helping my Mom), and most importantly puts up with all of my quirks (I think there are one or two of those).

So, why is he crouched on the sidewalk? His new passion is photography, okay, not exactly new, but definitely rediscoverd. He took today off to go to the Riverwalk with my Mom and take pictures of the things he saw there. So on the right, are a few of my favorites that he took today (minus the little caterpillar in the top picture), and I am simply acknowledging how fabulous he is EVERY DAY! I love you Brian.

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