Sunday, May 31, 2009

Girl Scouts in the saddle

My junior girl scout troop tried to do this camping/horse trip a couple weeks ago when it poured rain on us causing our tent to collapse. We rescheduled the horse lesson for today, and had a really good time. They divided the girls up into stations and they learned a lot about the history of horse, caring for a horse, and then riding. This barn shows a lot of GORGEOUS paso fino horses, but we rode the riding school quarter horses. The highlight of the trip (for the girls) were the new kittens born to the barn cat, and I think I got out of there without a stowaway.
T-Rex used to ride, but took last year and this year to compete in archery. She is thinking maybe she wants to do lessons again. I told her she could always grow up and be an elf (like in Lord of the Rings) and ride her horse with her bow on her back..... she rolled her eyes at me..... don't know why....
All in all a successful trip.

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